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I’m Julie Rowlands, Coach, Mentor, Blogger, Self care advocate and one woman support team for wise and wonderful women everywhere.

I’m thrilled to welcome you here, and can’t wait to share all the wonderful information, resources, positive support connection and love you need to become the Wise and Wonderful Woman I know you to be!

This is where you can be seen and heard as the absolutely beautiful person you are.

Who are you?

Wise and Wonderful Woman


  • Are Self responsible
  • Resilient
  • Resourceful
  • Committed to your own self care
  • Can make smart decisions to support yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually
  • Know that you want things to change, just not sure how or what to do to make it happen.
  • Determined to live YOUR life on your terms.

My focus is about teaching and supporting women,  through coaching, to look after themselves, to take responsibility, emotionally, physically and spiritually, for everything in their lives, and so create, their best life possible on their OWN terms

Wise and Wonderful Woman



You will find there are two very special parts to this website.

YOU Choose where to go, and what suits you best depending on what you are looking for!

Wise and Wonderful Woman Soul Care

Positive, coaching, mentoring and support for Women with Asperger Partners.

I teach you new ways to nurture and support yourself emotionally, in what can be an extremely challenging, emotionally draining relationship. I  teach you new ways to nurture and support yourself emotionally, in what can be an extremely challenging, emotionally draining relationship.

This is where I will share with you the understanding and knowledge gleaned from over 30 years living and breathing Autism and Aspergers syndrome, as well connect you with a growing community of women just like you.

You can find out more here

Simple Soul Care Solutions

Simple solutions to help you create the life of your dreams

Sometimes life feels like the treadmill at the gym, you are stuck and your legs keep moving but you just want to get off but you are stuck!
Need support to find the WHO in YOU?
Are you feeling a bit lost and unsure where you go next?

I can help you create new supportive habits and be your accountability buddy when you doubt yourself.

I will help you create the life of your dreams, NOW.

You deserve to be the best you can be!

You can find out more here


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