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Welcome to you – Wise and Wonderful Woman,

I’m Julie Rowlands, The Fast Forward Coach, blogger, self care advocate, and mentor of women who have Asperger Spouses women who I call ‘the Wise and Wonderful Woman’

I’m thrilled you found me, and can’t wait to share all the wonderful information, resources, positive support you to become the Wise and Wonderful Woman I know you to be!

This is where you can be seen and heard as the absolutely beautiful person you are.

This is where I will share with you the understanding and knowledge gleaned from over 30 years living and breathing Autism and Aspergers syndrome, as well contact you with a growing community of women just like you.

This is where I share the Wise and Wonderful Woman Soul Care Kit. The online Coaching program (coming soon)

I will teach you new ways to nurture and support yourself emotionally, in what can be an extremely challenging, emotionally draining relationship.

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Wise and Wonderful Woman

My focus is and always has been about teaching and supporting women,  through coaching, to look after themselves, to take responsibility, emotionally, physically and spiritually, so they can create, their best life possible.

    I will help you to become the

'Wise and Wonderful Woman'

I know you to be!

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